Environmental Clean-up, Keeping your ranges clean and safe.


Florida Shooting Range Stewardship Program:

Best Management Practices for Environmental Stewardship 0f Florida Shooting Ranges

·         Develop a comprehensive Stewardship Plan that  best matches your range operations

·         Identify issues of potential environmental concerns; set goals to be implemented in a timely manner to minimize disruption of range operations

·         Identify ways to ensure best management practices

·         Annually conduct a comprehensive management review and update of the Stewardship Plan

Other Services Provided

·         Bullet Traps: Inspected and Repairs conducted IAW Manufacturers maintenance schedules and procedures

·         Bullet Trap Maintenance:

a.       Cleaned and Vacuumed with the latest VACTAGON DRUM VACUUM SYSTEM at 99.9% efficiency

b.      Restoration of Trap: Rust Preventative Primer applied to metal surfaces, then painted IAW Manufacturers suggested Epoxy Paint or Zinc Based Industrial Coating

c.       Welding and Plate Turning

·         Target Systems: Inspected and repaired (Mechanical and Electrical) systems

·         Range Trash Removal: Routinely picked-up on a scheduled bases

·         Recycling: Expended Range metals; Brass Casings, Aluminum and Frangible Dust removed IAW; Federal, State and Local Regulations

Lead Recycling: Packaged and removed from trap containment systems IAW; Manufactures Procedures and approved by Federal, State and Local Regulations
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